Our Philosophy

None of us can predict what information our children will need to know twenty years from now but we do know that to be successful they will need the ability to think and solve problems. The education we offer is based on an understanding that the key to developing problem solving skills for the 21st century is an active imagination and a commitment to pursuing one’s purpose in life.

Intellectual flexibility, independent judgment, and moral courage will be essential to our children’s success as creative and responsible human beings. To nurture these characteristics, our curriculum carefully balances academic, artistic, and practical activities to stimulate the imagination and prepare the students for life. Rather than relying on rote memorization of standardized information, we seek to engage the whole child in the learning process.

Our teachers understand that children pass through distinct stages of development and that both the subject matter and manner in which it is taught need to be specific to the age of a growing child. Our teachings are Waldorf-Inspired and based upon the research from Rudolf Steiner and and many other child development researchers and practitioners such as, David Elkind, Howard Gardner, and Jean Piaget. We believe that education should be taught using what is appropriate for children based on what research has found to be best for the child – not the theories and pocketbooks of politicians and toy companies.

We live in an era of “too much, too fast, too soon” and longitudinal studies are showing the effects that this is having on our children and our future. There needs to be a change for our children and we are starting to make that change. We hope you will join us in helping give children the education they deserve.