Our Wish List


The following list is of things that we would like/need to help our children have even more fun at school!

We are a non-profit school, so everything that you donate is tax-deductible!



  • corner shelf for wipes and diapers

  • little potties


Nap Room

  • 2 more nap/play stands

  • 3 more nap pads

  • new hair brushes and hair ties


Dining Room

  • rice paper or tissue paper the windows on the doors leading to the room



  • doll clothes

  • clothes pins



  • 8 more painting boards

  • table for painting – plywood and stumps

  • basket for the wooden blocks for drying paintings



  • sand paper

  • sand paper blocks for little hands, 2 for adults

  • hand saw

  • hand drill with crank; child size drill

  • hammer

  • mallet

  • clamps

  • baskets = one for sand paper, one for tools, one big one for logs to be sawed

  • polish

  • polish cloths



  • stool for kitchen

  • wavy chopper knives –  can be found on Montessori supply website

  • Montessori dust pan and brush – the natural bristle one

  • vegetable scrubber

  • filtered water or filter for tap

  • plastic tubs for clearing dishes and washing dishes – need 2 more


Mud Room

  • stool/ bench



  • jump rope – thick rope 10 foot

  • outdoor baskets – big ones – for balls, harnesses

  • real garden shovels, spades, trowels, rakes – child size

  • adult size – strong rakes x 2

  • camp style dishes enamel or metal dishes, bowls, spoons, measuring cups, sifters, measuring spoons

  • play kitchen – 2 stumps and boards and hooks (Andrea’s design)

  • “Tea Shop” – 2 stumps and boards to make table and hooks for cups

  • Camp style cups with handles – 16 – (http://www.montessoriservices.com/practical-life/pouring-transferring/serving-pitchers-cups/enamelware-mini-mug)

  • water stand and drinking water

Thank you so much for your support in helping our students!